Anvil's understands the difference between an 
authentic Philly Cheesesteak, A tourist chesesteak, a 
sub / submarine, hero, and a grinder. While a good sub, 
grinder, or hero will hit the spot, Anvil's Cheesteaks 
offers an authentic PHILLY CHEESESTEAK using fresh 
bread, real steak, quality provolone, assorted toppings, 
and prepared artfully. They also serve Pennsylvania 
Dutch Birch Beer, a tasty regional soft drink from up 
Pennsylvania. Anvil and Barbara have provided me with
genuinely friendly service, a great Philly Cheesesteak, 
and great value.  They are just a walk away from 
Pelican SnoBalls: New Orleans Shaved Ice & Ice Cream 
for desert. 

From Epicurean 
by Greg Cox in

At Anvil's Cheesesteaks (2893 Jones Franklin Road; 854-0558; ), the emphasis is on authenticity rather than creativity. Bob "Anvil" Thompson, a Philadelphia area native, slices the beef for the shop's namesake sandwich every morning, grills it to order, and serves it on a freshly baked bun with aged provolone or American cheese, "wit' or wit'out" grilled onions. Thompson's wife, Barbara, serves up the sandwiches (other options range from grilled portobello to Italian chicken hoagie) with a generous side of chatty hospitality. Ask her about the picture of the giant Liberty Bell.

Frank Y.  (Yelp) Finally, a great Philly Steak Sandwich (outside of Philly) I rarely write reviews because creating accounts and getting spam is a pain. But after eating at Anvil's I just had to spread the word. I grew up in Philly and eating at Pat's in South Philly was a part of my up-bringing. I later moved on to Jim's Steaks on South Street as my favorite steak place.  I left Philly in 1983, I have lived in several parts of the country, and have traveled widely, but I have never found a steak sandwich that tasted like an authentic Philly.  Until a few weeks ago when I discovered Anvils, just 5 minutes from my house!!!  This is the real deal. If you're from Philly, try this place. If you've never had a real Philly steak sandwich, try this place. Pros: Authentic Philly Steak Sandwich, delicious! Friendly owners Cons: none (well, they don't have beer, I love a cold beer with a hot steak sandwich).

emcathow  (Citysearch) Delicious sandwich! I had the cheese steak with prov and onions and the flavor was awesome. The bread is delicious, fresh and warm.  Everyone needs to give them a try:) Pros: flavor, fresh, friendly Cons: none

icvalue  (Citysearch) "The Real Thing"  Just enjoyed the best cheesesteak I have had in a long time. I miss the real thing from Philly but this is real close. Great flavor, grilled onions, sauce, just like Philly. They also have Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer which is awesome. Family run place and real friendly... Well worth the drive! Pros: Reminds me of Home. Pros: Great Taste and Plenty of it! Cons: Wish it was closer to my house 

RooMom  (Citysearch) We are from Philadelphia and always searching for a good cheesesteak. Finally there is one in Cary! Excellent cheesesteak. The homemade sauce is wonderful. Friendly people, excellent service.....we will become regulars.  Pros: Great cheesesteaks; Excellent Service

Barry L.  (Yelp) There is a place in Reading Terminal in Philadelphia called Dinic's. They make cheesesteaks, of course, like so many others. But what they're known for is a roast pork, provolone, and broccoli rabe sandwich...a sandwich so good that many have said they'd swear off cheesesteaks forever just to eat it.
I've never been to Dinic's. I've never been to Reading Terminal. But I watch A LOT of FoodTV and Travel Channel, and Dinic's (and their sublime pork sandwich) comes up a lot. I've wanted one for a long time, but its never been worth traveling hundreds of miles just to eat one.
Today, my friend Alex and I finally made it to Anvil's Cheesesteaks. I should say...I get obsessive about new places that I expect to love. I think about my order for days prior. I stare at the menu on the website, planning every iota of my meal experience. But then...
On the actual menu at Anvil's is one sandwich that's not on the website! A roast pork, provolone, sauteed spinach and pepper sandwich...almost like the one from Dinic's...only better, because I much prefer spinach to broccoli rabe. My planning, gone. As I type this, I don't honestly remember what I'd planned on getting. I simply knew, I was finally going to have a Philadelphia style roast pork sandwich.
People...hear me on this is AWESOME. Its juicy, its SUPER flavorful. Its very much the sub of my dreams. The bread is great. Everything is made fresh, so its steaming hot when it gets to the table.
Anvil and his wife know what's good. They do sandwiches, chips, and drinks. No reason to confuse things. The one suggestion I'd make... they should cut the sandwiches in half. Besides that, I'm sold. I'm already thinking about my next trip. Oh pork I love you.
P.S. Alex said the cheesesteak was great too. If I were you, I'd take his word for it. He knows his cow.

Ron W. (Yelp) Cheesesteaks are one of those regional specialties that I occasionally get huge cravings for and they're hard to find out here in NC!  A great cheesesteak (IMHO), comes on some smooshy bread with a nice balance of well-grilled onions, peppers, chopped steak and gooey cheese.  We're talking heart attack in a bun but who wants to live forever?  I tried out Best Steak Subs in Cary Crossroads which was ok but ran into Anvil's here on Yelp so off I go...  
The location is hidden on the left side of Swift Creek Shopping Center which is hidden off of Tryon Road.  I used to live in the hood so I'm familiar with the area but those of you who aren't, will need to search a bit.  Anvil's is a small, family-run place with a very simple menu: about a dozen sandwich choices, chips and drinks.  My cheese and pepper steak was really good, about a 10" sandwich on a great Neomonde roll.  Plenty of high-quality steak and provolone sealed the deal for me!  Lots of food for the price, you've only got one sandwich size.  And vegetarian's won't find that much to eat here but they do have a grilled portobello sandwich...

David F. (Yelp) This is as close to the Real Thing that I have found.  I'm always on the lookout for a good cheesesteak and now I have found a great one.  Large portions and very tasty.  Grilled onions, sauce, birch beer make me long for home.  Highly recommended!


Anvil's Cheesesteaks 2893 Jones Franklin Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 854-0558